After three editions, RECUWATT has become the benchmark international meeting held in Spain, which is attended by private and public sector professionals involved in the waste management and the energy recovery industry.

The previous edition stands out for a higher international presence, with participants from 19 countries and new activities and cooperation initiatives aimed to the international market.

RECUWATT 2016 continued to enhance collaborations nationally as well as internationally, in a global space of knowledge and inspiration, by the hand of the best experts, creating a professional networking atmosphere between companies and organizations worldwide.

In addition, in this new edition, RECUWATT opened a space for projects and innovative initiatives in order to collect the latest trends and developments in the sector, by launching a Call for Papers.

Our challenge is to achieve the 2020 and 2030 goals raised in the legislation package on circular economy and for this reason it was an honor that our visitors had the chance to share our new discussing space and to move forward on wasting management: Recycling, Energy and Life.

Your opinion is important to us. Let’s continue growing up and building together a better world.

Why attend?

  • RECUWATT offers a space where you will be able to acquire knowledge and inspiration to face the new challenges of our industry.
  • The best experts in waste management and energy recovery will meet in this new edition.
  • RECUWATT creates a professional environment for doing networking between national and international companies, which offers the ideal setting to find business opportunities.
  • We count on participants from more than 19 countries.
  • Selection and presentation of projects and initiatives which have been chosen for their innovated and disruptive character, as well as their added value in the waste management field.
  • To be a part of a new challenge to achieve the 2020 and 2030 goals: Recycling, Energy and Life, a new space for discussing and to move forward the waste management industry, which integrates society in the professional scope.
  • Your support allows us growing up and building together a better world.

Who is concerned?

Companies… providing environmental services, equipment manufacturers, process technicians, recycling waste managers, recyclers, engineers, consultants, NGO’s and environmental education companies.

European, Governmental, Regional, Local and Supra-municipal… Administrations

Universities and research centers… Foundations and innovation and technology centers, NGO’s with environmental responsibilities.


  • Strategic and conceptual review of waste management in Catalonia and Spain.
  • The new paradigm of circular economy and the role of the energy recovery.
  • Application of technology in waste management processes.
  • The treatment of waste fractions and energy alternative.
  • International experiences towards to achievement of goals.
  • The vision of the environmental world.
  • Innovative work and projects from different aspects of waste management.
  • Singular conference.