RECUWATT cares for recycling and energy since long time ago, nevertheless its aim is to keep growing. For this reason, we have decided to extend its scope of action by working in and to the waste management.

Thereby a new stage began, in which many more companies, governments, universities and research centers were be able to participate in this and further editions, to compare experiences and knowledge and to strengthen our industry.

We face a challenge: to achieve the 2020 and 2030 goals raised in the legislation package on circular economy: in 2020 the 50% of local waste must be recycled, and by 2030 up to the 65%.

To do so, by the hand of Aquiara Participa Social, we are building a space for discussion and growth, a movement of social consciousness that warns the society on the importance of achieving the mentioned goals, just because it is on our hands, although we need everyone’s support.

In this edition of RECUWATT we presented some initiatives that Aquiara Participa Social is developing with our support, in order that along with your opinion, ideas, suggestions and other contributions, we all together are able to give shape to this new space and to this movement of social consciousness.

Let’s join forces today, for a better tomorrow for all: