In the 2016 edition, RECUWATT decided to give visibility to the work of all those who participate in the management of waste and the provision of public services.

To do so, we selected some manufacturers of machinery utilised in public services who nowadays represent state-of-the-art technology in the sector and who were at the congress through their representatives and distributors.

Thus, thanks to SVAT, ROS ROCA, CASLI and MALIV, we had an exhibition of machinery at the entrance of the congress. We showcased the most advanced systems for particulate emission reduction in the inimitable RAVO road sweepers, which incorporate the Hygion Saiga system; the latest generation FARID hybrid collection trucks, with reduced noise pollution and emissions; the quality and efficiency of the KASSBOHRER beach cleaning machines, with the option to incorporate axis traction to overcome any work in adverse conditions; and the benchmark for drag sweeping and vacuuming DULEVO machinery, with the option of a compressed natural gas engine.

RECUWATT became a supporter of these brands during the days of the congress and exhibited them so that all the attendees had the chance to get to know these brands as well as meeting their distributors.

The exhibition brought together the basic elements needed to provide a street waste collection and cleaning service.